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The Mckinnon Clan is amongst the leading professional services company offering a comprehensive range of financial advisory and management consulting to companies globally.Respected and recognized for its proven track record of execution of mandates, the company believe in creating and delivering excellent value to its clients.



Timing is the most essential to profit from stock exchange operations. Our stock advisory services offer a superb opportunity to keep customized portfolios comprising the best-undervalued growth stocks at all times.


The Mckinnon Clan by your side, you are always on top of your portfolio. Our Portfolio insight help assess how your portfolio is positioned at any given time helping timely exits from bad stocks to optimize returns.


Outperforming competitors, The Mckinnon Clan Mutual Funds basket comes with highly personalized options. Picking the best schemes and periodic rebalancing can add immense value to your Investments.

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Get the best Bad Credit Loan from Badcreditsite.co.uk

Gone are days when bad credit loans are considered to be a case of extreme desperation. However, the time has changed a lot. Nowadays, UK citizens are experiencing debt related problems. They are burdened with the huge amount of debt due to wrong financial decisions and credit cards. As a result, these loans are playing a very important role in the life of people. According to a recent report, more that 35% people in the United Kingdom are living their lives under the bad credit borrower’s category. It is not something to think about 24/7. Bad credit report and various sudden expenses can be a cause of depression or huge stress. Hence, many lenders introduced this financial service especially for people with bad credit history. These loans are also known…

Understanding Payday Loans and Their Controversy

Understanding Payday Loans and Their Controversy

A payday loan is a short-term, high-cost loan. Typically, you can take out a loan for $500 or less for unexpected purchases at the end of the month. You must repay this amount the next time you’re paid, hence the name of the loan. These loans are seen as a stop-gap until you’re paid. They’re available from storefront lenders and online, but you must really understand what you’re getting yourself into before accepting this loan.  Why Payday Loans Are Controversial: Over the years these loans have become really controversial. There are many reasons for this, including: – They add up really quickly because they have a really high annual percentage rate (APR) of at least 2% and often as high as 6%. You can’t honestly compare this APR to the…

What are the Benefits of Using a Credit Card?

What are the Benefits of Using a Credit Card?

Most people today are preferring using a credit car d to other methods of payment. Although some people overspend when using a credit card, there are numerous benefits to cardholders who use their credit cards wisely. Using a credit card has the following benefits: Credit cards are very convenient. If you have got a credit card, you don’t need to run to the bank to withdraw cash, write checks when you want to make a purchase or even count out change! In addition, most shopping outlets have accepted payment using credit cards making it ideal for most people. You don’t have to carry change or waste time withdrawing cash from a bank if you have a credit card. With the current advance in technology, you just need a credit card…